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Cynthia Leeder

Cynthia Leeder

San Jose, CA


I came to my photography later in life as a result of an opportunity to travel to South Africa and visit Kruger National Park. I knew little about photography but started going out with a camera to practice before actually going on the trip as I really wanted to come back with some good pictures. Did it help? Not really as I still took terrible pictures, but it did get me interested.

Upon returning home I decided I could do better and bought some new gear including a 35mm film camera and started reading on the subject while going out with my camera. It wasnít long before I bought my first digital camera and signed up for several photography workshops. Besides learning about composition and exposure in those workshops, I was also introduced to the creative side of photography, including doing things with your camera that you arenít supposed to do when taking a picture.

Now when I take a picture, my goal as much as anything is to interpret the subject or scene. I donít endeavor to capture it exactly as I saw it so much as to capture the feeling of it. For me, that is creative photography. My picture might resemble what I saw, or it might not, but either way, I hope it inspires a pleasant emotion in those viewing it.



Wild Abandon by Cynthia Leeder


Leucistic Hummingbird by Cynthia Leeder


Eclipse the Moon by Cynthia Leeder


Peggy's Cove by Cynthia Leeder


An Ocean View by Cynthia Leeder


Beyond Aspendell by Cynthia Leeder


Convict Lake by Cynthia Leeder


Golden Fall by Cynthia Leeder


Fall Color Aspens by Cynthia Leeder


Bixby Bridge by Cynthia Leeder


Eastern Sierra Winter Morning by Cynthia Leeder


Lighthouse in the Bay by Cynthia Leeder


Lighting the way by Cynthia Leeder


Sunrise at Zabriskie Point by Cynthia Leeder


Dantes Back by Cynthia Leeder


Sunrise at Mono Lake by Cynthia Leeder


Aspens in the Fall by Cynthia Leeder


A Happy Finch in My Yard by Cynthia Leeder